A side effect of Smoking you didn’t know about. Can smoking cause hair loss?

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The effects of smoking are widely known, with cancer and health warnings on cigarette packaging and adverts highlighting the dangers . But hair loss may be a side effect of smoking which you aren’t as aware of. Does smoking cause hair loss? Having a smoking habit can cause hair loss, or hair thinning, in some […]

Does Creatine cause hair loss?

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Over recent months, Creatine, a popular pre-workout supplement, has been hitting the headlines due to its potential link with hair loss. Although not proven to cause hair loss, this nutritional and sports supplement may affect the levels of DHT, a hormone connected to hair loss. What is Creatine? Natural Creatine is a source of energy […]

FUE vs FUT Hair transplant

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When you are considering a hair transplant, you may come across two frequently used terms — FUE and FUT. Both techniques are widely known due to their proven results, but which transplant option is best suited for you? Deciding between the two procedures may lead you to pose specific questions. See below for the FUE […]

Dr Nilofer Farjo

Meet the team: Dr Nilofer Farjo

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Our hair restoration surgeon and founding director, Dr Nilofer Farjo, tells us more about her role at Farjo… 1. What’s your background and how did you come to work at the Farjo Hair Institute? I graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 1998 – my background is in general medicine, but I became […]

hair loss self confidence, national conversation week


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Having been in the hair loss field for over 25 years, I’ve witnessed a real evolution in terms of how willing we are to discuss our appearance, self-esteem, and confidence. While this applies to both sexes, the change in attitude has been particularly noticeable amongst men. Thanks to a rise in high-profile figures speaking out […]

Jacqueline Jossa and hairloss

Jacqueline Jossa Embraces Hair Loss After Pregnancy

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Eastenders actress, Jacqueline Jossa, isn’t one to shy away from expressing her love of motherhood on social media, but one of her most recent posts caught my eye. The 22 year-old actress gave birth to baby Ella in February and last week took to Instagram to reach out to other new mothers suffering from post […]

Is The Bush Back?

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As a hair restoration surgeon, it’s not just scalps that I operate on. Eyelashes, eyebrows, facial hair and – this one may surprise you! – pubic hair can all be all be transplanted. Essentially, as long as enough donor hair is available, you can transplant it to anywhere on your body where hair already grows. […]

Cosmetic Surgery Industry Is No Longer ‘Nice’

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I’m always keen to share my musings on everything hair related on this blog, so I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to be a guest blogger on the Huffington Post. I decided to comment on the new code of practice introduced by the Royal College of Surgeons. I strongly welcome this code […]

Highest Honours For Farjo Medical Centre!

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 My wife Nilofer and I recently attended the 20th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery where we were invited to perform various functions. As if having the opportunity in itself was not enough, since it was talking place in the Bahamas, we felt it would be rude not to go! Imagine our […]