FUE vs FUT Hair transplant

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When you are considering a hair transplant, you may come across two frequently used terms — FUE and FUT. Both techniques are widely known due to their proven results, but which transplant option is best suited for you? Deciding between the two procedures may lead you to pose specific questions. See below for the FUE […]

Q&A Dr Farjo answers the most asked hair transplant questions

Q&A Dr Farjo answers the most common questions

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Hair transplant surgery is a procedure that thousands of men and women undergo every year in order to combat balding or thinning hair. Here, leading surgeon Dr Farjo answers some of the most commonly asked questions regarding hair loss and the treatments available.   How long will it take for my hair transplant to grow? […]

Medical tourism: Don’t risk your long-term health for a quick fix

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With people worldwide looking for ways to save their hard-earned cash, many are opting to go abroad to countries like India, Mexico, Turkey and Thailand for life-changing surgery at a fraction of the cost. While we can completely understand the allure of these cheap, quick fix packages that seem like a dream come true — […]