What Is Hair Follicle Banking and Is It for Me?

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For those concerned about hair loss, finding new solutions and planning for the future is extremely important. And thankfully, scientists at Farjo Hair Institute and HairClone are in the process of creating a ground-breaking new treatment for rejuvenation and eventually regeneration, allowing you to ‘stop the clock’ on thinning hairlines. Although the treatment is still […]

Farjo & ISHRS

Farjo & ISHRS 2021 Basics Course in Hair Restoration

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Last weekend marked the concluding part of the ISHRS 2021 Basics Course In Hair Restoration Surgery – a key educational event in the hair loss calendar. This year’s event ran across two weekends: Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th and Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th August. Participants were able to watch live and engage in discussion […]

The Royal College of GPs

Farjo Hair Institute and The Royal College of GPs

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The first port of call for many men and women when they start to notice hair loss, or their hairline receding, is to book a doctor’s appointment. However, despite hair loss being such a common problem, many GPs have limited knowledge on the wide range of possible diagnoses and effective treatments including what can be […]

Scalp Micropigmentation: Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about scalp micropigmentation

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We understand that surgery sometimes isn’t the right option for those wanting to restore their hairline – in some cases, it simply isn’t a viable option due to a lack of donor hair (i.e., hair that can be taken from another area of the body). Fortunately, however, there are many other innovative procedures and treatments […]

ISHRS Fight The Fight

ISHRS: Fight The FIGHT Campaign

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What is the ISHRS? The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is an international, non-profit medical society comprised of over 1,000 members representing 70 countries. It promotes the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics. What does the ISHRS do? The ISHRS offers continuing medical education to physicians and fosters an environment of open dialogue, […]

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine Live 2021

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Today marks the second and final day of Aesthetic Medicine Live 2021, held at Olympia London. This year, Aesthetic Medicine Live partnered with the UK Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (UKAAPS) with Consortium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery clinic owners (CAPSCO), to host their annual conference. Dr Greg Williams, from our team, attended the event and […]

What role does genetics play

What role does genetics play in hair colour?

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The question of hair colour is an interesting one, determined entirely by your parents’ genetic code. The science of hair genetics still isn’t completely understood, but there’s lots that we do know. Cast your mind back to your secondary school science lessons, and you may recall ‘dominant’ and ‘submissive’ genes and how these control things […]

Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Hair loss during the menopause

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Is hair loss during menopause common? Hair loss during menopause and perimenopause (i.e., around menopause) is relatively common. More generally, losing some hair volume is a natural part of the ageing process. For example, it is estimated that around 40% of women aged 70 years or over experience female-pattern baldness – the most common type […]

Heterochromia hair

Unusual Conditions: Heterochromia Hair

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What is heterochromia hair? Heterochromia hair is a rare condition that is characterized by the presence of two distinct colours of hair in the same person, which normally presents on the scalp (i.e., the skin covering the head, excluding the face). Typically, those affected will find colours such as brown, blonde and red hair appear […]

Will I Need Medication If I Have A Hair Transplant?

Will I Need Medication If I Have A Hair Transplant?

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A hair transplant is the only way to restore a hairline in the long term, but there are important factors to consider when it comes to its overall success. A hair transplant doesn’t mean that you won’t lose any hair in the future, so it’s essential to consider future hair loss patterns. Even after having […]