Five ways to prevent balding

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Despite the array of shampoos, vitamins and alternative therapies on offer that promise to stop balding in its tracks, unfortunately, there are no sure-fire ways to completely stop hair loss. However, there are a few precautions you can take to slow it down. As hair loss is progressive, early intervention is better – so as […]

Hair Loss Medications – What You Should Be Taking And When You Should Be Taking It

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Hair transplant surgery is not right for everyone! It might sound strange coming from a hair transplant surgeon, but it’s the truth – I very often discourage patients from hair transplant surgery where I don’t believe it’s appropriate at the time, or will not provide the desired results. There are lots of reasons that the […]

The Stress Of Temporary Hair Loss

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This week, the tabloids have been speculating over the cause of American actress, Kristen Stewart’s noticeable hair loss. They’ve put it down do the stress of the Twilight star’s recent break up with Robert Pattinson – but are they correct? While stress is a recognised trigger of hair loss, there are lots of different health […]