Non-surgical alternatives to hair transplants

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Realising that you are starting to lose your hair is a shock to many. As such, when people start to notice their receding hairline, or thinning patches, their mind immediately jumps to the same drastic conclusion: “that’s it – I need a hair transplant!”. Of course, hair transplants are highly effective for the right candidate, […]


Five ways to prevent balding

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Despite the array of shampoos, vitamins and alternative therapies on offer that promise to stop balding in its tracks, unfortunately, there are no sure-fire ways to completely stop hair loss. However, there are a few precautions you can take to slow it down. As hair loss is progressive, early intervention is better – so as […]

Propecia Side Effects

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It’s not surprising to read the latest headlines damning the drug on its harsh side effects. One minute we’re told that aspirin causes cancer, the next it helps to prevent it – it’s hard to know what to believe! A recent article in a men’s health publication condemned the use of the hair loss drug […]