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Strip FUT – what is it and when is it recommended?

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Over 40% of men experience severe hair loss by the time they turn 40 — resulting in many men seeking permanent remedies for baldness later in life. Women are also impacted by hair loss, and Strip FUT is something that can be transformational for both genders. Strip FUT (follicular unit transplantation) is a type of […]

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Female Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Hair Loss

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When people think of ‘hair loss’, they often mistakenly categorise it as something only men struggle with, when in fact, it affects both sexes. Here we discuss well known female celebrities that have shared their struggles with hair loss. The NHS has estimated that 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss by the […]

Has Kim Kardashian Bleached Her Way To Baldness?

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These days, seeing photographs of females in the spotlight suffering from hair loss is no longer a shock. Most commonly, this loss is caused by wearing hair extensions to provide longer locks, or regularly using dyes and bleach to keep on trend with the latest hair colour. Celebrities including Britney Spears and Manchester’s very own […]