Hair Loss And Its Link To Mental Health

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Hair loss can occur for a wide range of reasons, including your genetics, hormone levels, medical and skin conditions, your age, tight hairstyles, as well as your levels of stress and anxiety. Here we discuss hair loss and links to mental health. Anxiety Those that suffer from anxiety may have an increased chance of hair […]

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Female Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Hair Loss

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When people think of ‘hair loss’, they often mistakenly categorise it as something only men struggle with, when in fact, it affects both sexes. Here we discuss well known female celebrities that have shared their struggles with hair loss. The NHS has estimated that 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss by the […]

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The main causes of female hair loss and how to treat it

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Your hair is your crowning glory, so realising that you’re losing more than usual can be incredibly worrying, especially if you’re unsure what’s behind it. Hair loss is a surprisingly common problem for women, so you’re not alone. In many cases, hair loss is temporary – but what could be behind it? You’re anaemic Around […]

Brow’nie Points For Thick Brows

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Whether it’s a new round of Botox or a spot of lip filler, celebrities can’t move a muscle (sometimes, quite literally!) without the showbiz editors of Fleet Street taking note. This week, it was the turn of Amanda Holden’s brows. The Britain’s Got Talent judge hit the news as she was hailed as ‘queen of […]

Women Get The Guts To Repair Their Hair

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During my 20 years in the hair restoration field, patients from all walks of life have walked through my doors looking for a solution to their hair loss. In the past, people undergoing hair transplants have tended to keep their surgery a secret – until now. The tide seems to have shifted and, mercifully, people […]