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Female Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Hair Loss

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When people think of ‘hair loss’, they often mistakenly categorise it as something only men struggle with, when in fact, it affects both sexes. Here we discuss well known female celebrities that have shared their struggles with hair loss. The NHS has estimated that 8 million women in the UK experience hair loss by the […]

Unbeweaveable - Naomi Campbell Receding Hairline

‘Unbeweaveable’ Part Two

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‘Unbeweaveable’ Part Two follows on from a blog we wrote two years ago about a rise in traction alopecia in women, due to hair extensions. Our initial blog followed shocking images released of catwalk beauty and extensions-wearer, Naomi Campbell, who appeared to be suffering from hair loss. New images have now surfaced of Naomi sporting […]

Is Katie Price Tearing Her Hair Out? Probably!

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Katie Price is not the first female celebrity who is said to have suffered from hair loss. Less than a year ago, photographs emerged of Naomi Campbell showing visible bald spots. Two very different women, one cause of hair loss – traction alopecia! This problem is something I’ve commented on many times before. But for […]