Why am I losing my hair in my twenties?

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Your twenties should be a time of fun, freedom and youth – it’s definitely not a period that most of us associate with hair loss, so it can come as a shock when younger people start to notice a few more hairs on their hairbrush. So, what’s at the root of the issue? Well, there […]

hair loss and stress

Hair Loss: A Double Dose Of Stress

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If you’re worried about your thinning tresses, you might want to take a close look at your wellbeing as a starting point. Believe it or not, stress is the second biggest cause of hair loss after genetics – and here’s the science behind it. Hair has a programmed life cycle, starting with a growth phase, […]

Is Wedding Stress Leaving Rose Mcgowan Hairless?

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Are wedding jitters responsible for Rose McGowan’s lacklustre locks, as reported by The Daily Mail? The answer is: possibly. It could certainly be a contributing factor anyway! It seems that barely a week goes by without the title reporting on the hair condition of one celebrity or another. Recently, Kristen Stewart was reported to be […]

Can Balding Cause More Heartache Than We Thought?

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Yesterday’s papers all picked up on the same piece of research from Japan – the rather alarming statistic that men who suffer from male pattern baldness are 32 per cent more likely to suffer from heart disease than those blessed with a full head of hair.  However, only those balding from the crown of the […]

A Grey Mood Doesn’t Mean Grey Hair

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I’ve received a few enquiries recently about whether stress can contribute to turning your hair grey. It seems to be a common – and concerning – myth, that worrying can turn you grey overnight. Fear not – hair receives its colour genetically. It’s embedded in the hair’s structure as it forms in the root. If your […]

Does Stress Make You Hairless?

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Over the years, a few people have told me that they’re worried about being stressed, as they believe it will cause their hair to fall out. It seems this belief is quite common and I think the worriers out there deserve an explanation. Contrary to popular opinion, being stressed does not mean your hair will […]