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Chemotherapy and hair loss

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For many people who are faced with the tough prospect of going through chemotherapy, one of their greatest concerns is losing their hair. Hair loss can be traumatising for cancer patients, as it’s such a visible sign of their illness and a constant reminder of what they are going through. Not everyone who is going […]

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NEWS: Big In Japan | Hair Research Congress

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        The 10th World Congress for Hair Research was held in Kyoto, Japan, Oct 31, Nov 2, 2017.   This is an occasional event gathering together all the national and regional hair research societies for one global congress. Both Drs Farjo were invited faculty speakers, whilst Dr Nilofer Farjo was on the […]

Farjo invited to Monaco Congress

Dr Farjo Invited Hair Transplant Speaker at Monaco Congress

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On April 8th 2017, Dr Bessam Farjo, was one of 2 guest speakers invited by Restoration Robotics Inc to speak about the ARTAS Robot, at the Annual Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC)  in Monaco. Dr Farjo spoke for 30 minutes detailing the differences between Robot-Assisted FUE hair transplant donor harvesting, and manual and […]

Have You Been Washing Your Hair Wrong All Along?

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Boosting thin, flat hair can be one of life’s most tedious challenges. With a high street brimming with products that all promise a Nicole Scherzinger style mane, people could easily spend hundreds of pounds in their quest for that extra ‘oomph’. However, according to news articles this month, the answer to your hair woes may […]

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Want Luscious Locks? The Secret’s In The Hardware Department

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Here at Farjo, we’ve pretty much seen it all in terms of patients who’ve gone to great lengths to disguise the fact that their locks are perhaps not as lustrous as they once were. However, I’ve yet to meet anyone who feels that applying windscreen sealant to their follicles sounds appealing – but it looks […]

Is Wedding Stress Leaving Rose Mcgowan Hairless?

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Are wedding jitters responsible for Rose McGowan’s lacklustre locks, as reported by The Daily Mail? The answer is: possibly. It could certainly be a contributing factor anyway! It seems that barely a week goes by without the title reporting on the hair condition of one celebrity or another. Recently, Kristen Stewart was reported to be […]

Can Balding Cause More Heartache Than We Thought?

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Yesterday’s papers all picked up on the same piece of research from Japan – the rather alarming statistic that men who suffer from male pattern baldness are 32 per cent more likely to suffer from heart disease than those blessed with a full head of hair.  However, only those balding from the crown of the […]

Rooney’s Not So Luscious Locks (?)

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After he unveiled his impressive new ‘do’, Wayne Rooney received almost as much media attention for his hair transplant as for his football career. It’s therefore no surprise that the press is keen to keep up-to-date with the development of Rooney’s hair follicles. The Daily Mail took some shots of Rooney at a press conference […]