Grey hairs and genetics

Genetic Discovery Could Mean Goodbye To Greys

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It’s a moment most people dread: finding the first grey hair. Widely feared as a premature sign of ageing, grey hair has a bad reputation but recent research suggests it might be down to genetics. Researchers at University College London have discovered the gene responsible for grey hair and are confident that it’ll be possible […]

Another Female Celebrity Suffering Hair Loss Due To Extensions? Perhaps Not

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Seeing female celebrities suffering from hair loss is not an unusual occurrence nowadays. Often, this loss is caused due to the ongoing trend of wearing hair extensions to provide thicker, fuller, longer locks. Celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears, have all been photographed sporting patchy bald spots – tell-tale signs of the […]

Men Turn To Extensions To Emulate Becks

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Lately, every magazine I flick through seems to contain endless pictures of male celebs sporting slicked back hair dos. From David Beckham to Harry Styles, Oliver Cheshire to Joey Essex, the ‘it’ crowd is full of extravagant quiffs and fringes. In a bid to emulate this must-have style of the rich and famous, it’s been […]

Unbeweaveable - Naomi Campbell Receding Hairline

‘Unbeweaveable’ Part Two

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‘Unbeweaveable’ Part Two follows on from a blog we wrote two years ago about a rise in traction alopecia in women, due to hair extensions. Our initial blog followed shocking images released of catwalk beauty and extensions-wearer, Naomi Campbell, who appeared to be suffering from hair loss. New images have now surfaced of Naomi sporting […]