Farjo and the value of good advice

The Value of Good Advice

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When it comes to considering your options for cosmetic surgery, good advice is invaluable. After all, you’re considering an investment which is both high cost and high emotion. Therefore, you need to know that your faith (and cash!) is placed in the best pair of hands possible. With that in mind, we wanted to share […]

laser unlock your locks

Can A Little Laser Unlock Your Locks?

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While a hair transplant can be the answer to many a follicly-challenged man (and woman), it certainly isn’t the solution for everyone. We meet thousands of people in consultations every year, who think they’ll walk away with a date in their diary for surgery and that they’ll soon be the proud of owner of fuller […]

Research, Don’t Rush!

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I received an email this week from a man who enquired from us about having a hair transplant a little over a year ago. The young man in question came in with an uneven and slightly receding hairline. He was a potential candidate for surgery but, as with all our patients, we advised him to […]