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Hair strong - solutions to hair in the winter

Keep Your Hair Strong All Winter Long

Every year, as we creep closer to Christmas, I see people taking to the streets in progressively thicker clothing, wrapping themselves in coats and scarves to protect against the chilly temperatures. When it comes to winter weather, everyone prepares for the worst. So, why is it that we don’t do the same for our hair? If the winter winds are harsh on our skin, imagine the damage they can do to our tresses.

The environment can have very damaging effects on hair and it’s something that we often forget to consider. While it’s commonly known that sun exposure causes dry, brittle hair, it is lesser known that cold and windy weather can have similar effects. If like me, you often find yourself in a morning rush, it’s important to be particularly aware of the damage that cold weather can do to wet hair, weakening it and making it prone to breakage.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you barricade yourselves indoors until it’s safe to emerge in the spring, but being aware of the potential damage caused by weather is the first step in preventing it. One way you can help your hair through the winter is by making sure it remains properly conditioned and moisturised.

Take a little extra time to condition your hair more often and consider treating yourself to a moisturising hair mask or oil mask, ensuring that all products contain fatty acids for extra healthy hair. If this doesn’t sound too far removed from your usual hair care regime, consider purchasing a warm hat to keep your hair under wraps this winter and help prevent the damage before it’s done.

I find that people are often reluctant to wear hats because of the myths connecting hats and hair loss, but this will only occur if you wear a particularly tight hat that affects your circulation.

The contrast in temperatures we experience as we go from outdoors to indoors in the winter often has a negative effect on our hair, pulling the moisture from it and leaving it dry and weak. Wearing a hat can help minimise the damage done to hair by temperature while preventing further scalp dryness.

By taking these simple measures, you can make a difference to your hair’s health this winter so it isn’t left out in the cold!

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