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What’s Lacking In Hair Is Made Up For In Respect

An article in The Guardian caught my eye recently, which questioned whether ‘Bald is best for bosses’. This unusual statement suggests that men with completely bald heads are perceived as being more masculine, dominant and as greater potential leaders.

There appears to be a trend amongst US company bosses to sport a bald haircut or ‘power buzz’.

The heads of Microsoft and Amazon are resolutely hairless, and academic Albert Mannes, who conducted the study, says that when he took the plunge and shaved off his thinning hair, he felt he was ‘treated with more deference bald’.

Baldness is seen as a powerful trait due to the hypermasculine associations of soldiers, and of course, in Hollywood, the likes of the indestructible Bruce Willis.

However, while baldness may sometimes be associated with power, one cannot forget there are certain qualities which are inexplicably linked with hair.

Youth and virility cannot be projected without hair, and it must be noted that successful boss Richard Branson’s flowing locks help perpetuate his company’s image of being progressive and lively.

But whether or not hair does affect one’s leadership qualities, it is revealing that the research concludes that men with thinning hair are perceived as being the least attractive and powerful.

It seems that if you are dedicated to projecting an image of success to colleagues and crucially employees, it is a case of all or nothing. The ‘in-between’ stage of hair loss is when men are at their most vulnerable in the eyes of others.

At this point, it seems that if they wish to be perceived as a powerful leader, they must take action. Shaving the head is a quick and easy solution to the problem of thinning hair, but this step is drastic.

If a man feels his hair is part of his identity, it could prove rather traumatic, which is where the technology of a hair transplant may provide a confidence boost.

It all boils down to what a man feels comfortable with. If hair loss affects confidence, then of course this will be reflected in how they handle themselves professionally.

Those who are comfortable with baldness presumably project an aura of power, but I don’t think that this can be the case across the board.

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