How to handle female hair loss

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For many women, hair is more than just something that sits on their head – it’s a reflection of their identity and personal style, and something that is intrinsically linked to their self-esteem.  There is a social stigma attached to hair loss, so it can come as a shock to hear that 40% of women […]

Dr Greg Williams from Farjo Hair Institute, recognised with worldwide achievement award

Dr Greg Williams recognised with worldwide achievement award

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The Medical LiveWire Global Awards recognise excellence in the global medical industry, highlighting the ground-breaking individuals and organisations that have made a substantial impact in the healthcare sector. The award winners are the best in their respective fields, which is why we’re proud to announce that our very own Dr. Greg Williams has been named […]

hair loss self confidence, national conversation week


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Having been in the hair loss field for over 25 years, I’ve witnessed a real evolution in terms of how willing we are to discuss our appearance, self-esteem, and confidence. While this applies to both sexes, the change in attitude has been particularly noticeable amongst men. Thanks to a rise in high-profile figures speaking out […]

Holding back the years, a lifestyle programme on the BBC featured Farjo hair institute

Holding Back the Years: Farjo features on BBC

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Farjo Hair Institute Features on Holding Back the Years! We were thrilled to be featured on BBC’s ‘Holding Back the Years’, a lifestyle programme that offers advice on staying well and living longer. On Tuesday’s episode, presenter Bill Turnbull caught up with Herald and Times journalist Brian Beacom, who elected to have a full hair […]

Steve Kay talks about his role at the Farjo Hair Institute


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Our patient liaison manager, Steve Kay, tells us a bit more about his role at Farjo What’s your background and how did you come to work at the Farjo Hair Institute? I worked in the cosmetic surgery industry for 15 years as patient liaison manager, advising on the spectrum of surgery procedures, and we used […]

FAQ: What is PRP Therapy?

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Cast your memory back to 2013 and you might remember the photos splashed across the tabloids of Kim Kardashian indulging in a ‘vampire’ facial using her own re-injected blood. An 800 per cent increase in demand for the treatment ensued and, five years later, PRP therapy is no longer a celebrity fad but an effective […]