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New Research Promises Hair Loss Cure

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Scientists in California found that plucking hair in a particular pattern stimulates mice to produce even more hair. This research was published in the journal Cell this month. This prompted a flurry of press activity such as The Telegraph as Associated Press, seeking opinion from experts such as us at the Farjo Hair Institute. Click […]

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Hair Loss Myths – The Good, The Bad And The Totally Ludicrous

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While most people who come through our doors are seriously considering a hair transplant and eager to find out what their next steps are, some come to us hoping for advice on how they can stop hair loss themselves before they turn to surgery. They often want a miracle cure that solves their problem, without […]

Has The Cure For Hair Loss Been Discovered?

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There has been a lot of attention in the media recently surrounding an exciting new drug that could offer a cure for hair loss by preventing the balding process. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have identified a scalp chemical that stops hair growth, at least in mice. They found that a protein compound called […]