Report from Barcelona Hair Research Congress

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In June 21-23 2012, both Drs Farjo attended the 16th Meeting of theEuropean Hair Research Society (EHRS)held in Barcelona, Spain. The EHRS congress as always covered latest scientific and research issues connected with human hair and scalp. Topics included genetics, hormones, inflammatory and scarring disorders, environmental influences & hair colour changes. Studies presented included research […]

Over 50s Want A Hairline With The X Factor!

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I read an article in the Daily Mail with interest earlier this week. In light of Louis Walsh showcasing his fuller head of hair post-transplant, the journalist decided to take a look at several other celebrities whose hair also has the ‘X Factor’. Not all the stars listed in the article had undergone hair transplant […]

Unbeweaveable - Naomi Campbell Receding Hairline

‘Unbeweaveable’ Part Two

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‘Unbeweaveable’ Part Two follows on from a blog we wrote two years ago about a rise in traction alopecia in women, due to hair extensions. Our initial blog followed shocking images released of catwalk beauty and extensions-wearer, Naomi Campbell, who appeared to be suffering from hair loss. New images have now surfaced of Naomi sporting […]