You’ll Never Plucking Believe This…

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With new research about wonder cures and miracle solutions filling the papers and the web almost every day, it’s a wonder that we’re not all perfectly-formed, disease-free creatures! So, I wasn’t too surprised when a piece of research came out last week, claiming that plucking hairs could be the answer to every follically-challenged soul’s prayers. […]

hair transplant on tv

Another Chance to Watch Hair Transplant on TV

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Hair transplant on TV Our London Lead Surgeon, Dr Greg Williams, was featured on BBC 2’s Inside Harley Street on Monday April 20. The show included an intriguing interview with Dr Williams as well as a hair transplant procedure on Michael Pulman If you missed it, here is another to watch the show on BBC […]

Harley Street Michael Pulman hair transplant with Farjo

Getting To The Roots Of Harley Street

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by Dr Greg Williams Last night, some of your may have spotted me on BBC2 documentary, Inside Harley Street – a three-part series which looks at what goes on behind those quaint little Georgian doors on the world famous street, including that of The Farjo Hair Institute. While some might regard the street as off-limits […]

Harley Street and Michael Pulman

Inside Harley Street

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Have you ever wondered what happens behind the clinic doors on world-famous Harley Street? Well, here’s your chance to find out! It’s a name that’s synonymous with everything from lip fillers and wrinkle busters, to pioneering cancer treatments and, you guessed it, hair loss surgery. BBC documentary series, Inside Harley Street, which launched on BBC2 […]

discusses hair loss in women

BBC Radio 5 Live Discusses Hair Loss In Women

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National BBC Radio 5 Live broadcasted a live feature this morning Saturday April 18 on Hair Loss in Women The presenter first interviewed a female sufferer from Alopecia UK, where she described the trauma of losing her hair. Later on in the show, Dr Farjo was interviewed live in the studio for his expert opinion […]

hair loss cure by plucking

New Research Promises Hair Loss Cure

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Scientists in California found that plucking hair in a particular pattern stimulates mice to produce even more hair. This research was published in the journal Cell this month. This prompted a flurry of press activity such as The Telegraph as Associated Press, seeking opinion from experts such as us at the Farjo Hair Institute. Click […]