burn scar alopecia examples

Burn scar alopecia – is a hair transplant possible?

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Burn scar alopecia, as the name suggests, refers to hair loss as a result of scarring caused by some type of burn injury, such as scalding from hot water or cooking oil. These burns can cause serious and long-lasting damage to the skin, including the hair follicles, which can leave areas of bald, scarred skin. […]

Does weight loss cause hair loss?

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If you set shedding some pounds as your New Year’s resolution, it can feel like a great achievement to step on the scales and see you’re approaching your target. However, some people find there’s a not-so-pleasant side to their weight loss – their hair is shedding at a far more rapid rate than usual. One […]

Former Alopecia Sufferer

Former Alopecia Sufferer Wows Simon Cowell And Co

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When it comes to discussing hair loss in general conversation, many people often assume that alopecia is the cause, especially among women. However, few understand that there are in fact several different types of the condition, each with their own causes and symptoms. This weekend, 18-year-old singer Ella Shaw wowed the nation with her vocal […]


Is An Arthritis Drug The Answer To Alopecia?

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Most people wouldn’t think to link arthritis to alopecia – until now. An American dermatologist has reportedly restored the hair of an alopecia areata sufferer by administering a drug more commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. As many of you know, alopecia areata is an ailment that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its […]

Alopecia – Get Your Facts Right

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MP, Nadine Dorries, has become the latest public figure to announce that she is suffering from alopecia, raising awareness of an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst women. Although I commend Nadine for sharing her story, she raised a few points in her interview with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 that I feel […]