Is air pollution linked to hair loss?

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We all know the damage that air pollution can do to our overall health, especially to our respiratory system. However, research suggests that dirty air might also have a more visible impact – it might be causing hair loss. It’s thought that exposure to common pollutants may be the culprit. Researchers found that when cells […]

Dry Shampoo: Friend Or Foe?

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In a recent survey, one in four women claimed they grab the trusty canister in the bathroom cupboard for an ultra-quick fix to refresh their hair. Dry shampoo is the ultimate saviour for many, but just how safe is it? Given the rat-raced society we live in, it’s no surprise that hair care solutions like […]

horse shampoo

Will This Shampoo Give You The Mane Of A Show Pony?

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Reported to be a beauty secret of the stars, the newest ‘must-try’ hair product is fittingly called Mane ’n Tail – you guessed it, a horse shampoo. Never ones to miss a piece of the action, the shampoo and conditioner are said to be must-haves for a-list celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Demi Moore, Sarah […]

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Want Luscious Locks? The Secret’s In The Hardware Department

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Here at Farjo, we’ve pretty much seen it all in terms of patients who’ve gone to great lengths to disguise the fact that their locks are perhaps not as lustrous as they once were. However, I’ve yet to meet anyone who feels that applying windscreen sealant to their follicles sounds appealing – but it looks […]