Botched up bodies with Farjo team

Botched Up Bodies

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Keep your eyes peeled for the Farjo team on Channel 5’s Botched up Bodies at 10pm tonight. On the show, our very own Dr Greg Williams treats patient, Graham Ryder, whose scalp was left with over 50 dent-like scars after an outdated plug surgery 29 years ago. After losing his hair at the age of […]

Brow’nie Points For Thick Brows

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Whether it’s a new round of Botox or a spot of lip filler, celebrities can’t move a muscle (sometimes, quite literally!) without the showbiz editors of Fleet Street taking note. This week, it was the turn of Amanda Holden’s brows. The Britain’s Got Talent judge hit the news as she was hailed as ‘queen of […]

cowboys experts

New System Could Tell The Cowboys From The Experts

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By Dr Greg Williams  With our surgeons meeting new patients every day and hearing their reasons for undergoing hair transplant treatments, we know that there is a wide spectrum of people coming through our doors, whose past experiences can vary. While some will approach us for purely cosmetic reasons, a proportion are booked in after […]

eco-friendly gloves woman drying hair

The Eco-Friendly Gloves That Could Make Your Hairdryer Extinct

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Who would have thought that a pair of gloves made from hi-tech microfibres could potentially make the good-old electric hairdryer a thing of the past?  Well, the people behind the remarkable design at online retailer, Hammacher Schlemmer, certainly think it can. As a matter of fact, the designers even go as far as saying that […]

Why Are Well-Groomed Men Still Clueless About Shampoo?

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I was reading an article in the latest issue of Esquire this weekend in which X Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary candidly revealed the details of the grooming products he uses, from Tom Ford shower gel to Elemis Deep Cleanse facial wash. He was even insistent enough to declare that Colgate is the one and only […]

hair loss article

New Year, New Magazine Hair Loss Article!

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Nice to start the new year as we finished the last one with another press article featuring Farjo! We usually talk about hair transplant surgery or hair medications, but this time Dr Farjo gives advice on hair care in women. New! Magazine – Facebook New! Magazine – Instagram New! Magazine – Twitter