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Keep Your Hair Strong All Winter Long

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Every year, as we creep closer to Christmas, I see people taking to the streets in progressively thicker clothing, wrapping themselves in coats and scarves to protect against the chilly temperatures. When it comes to winter weather, everyone prepares for the worst. So, why is it that we don’t do the same for our hair? […]

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Hats Off To 2015: Here’s To Another Fantastic Year!

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As 2015 comes to an end, we wanted to muse over all the brilliant projects we’ve been involved with over the past year. From chairing conferences to team-building charitable exercises – this year, Farjo really has seen it all! Back in January, Dr Bessam headed to the Paris-based International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) […]

Cheap Hair Transplant

Considering a Cheap Hair Transplant? Think Again

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Home Or Away? I recently came across a poll on, which reveals that one in four Americans would consider having surgery if it wasn’t so costly. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that people are considering a cheap hair transplant abroad, where they will find a much more affordable price. On the surface, it can […]

Why do Greys Grow?

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Most of us spend our adulthood anxiously awaiting their arrival, with many people finding their first much earlier than they’d hoped. Although grey is very much a hair colour of the moment in some ‘hipster’ circles, many men and women spend hours, as well as hundreds or even thousands of pounds, trying to conceal it. […]

Jennifer Aniston hair secret

Jennifer Aniston’s Surprise Hair Secret? Sweat!

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Let’s face it, when Jennifer Aniston’s dishing out hair advice, most women across the globe are all ears. Her hair – dubbed ‘The Rachel’ – was the must-have style of the 90’s, and her golden highlights of the past few years have helped her retain the status of an all-American beauty. Now, Hollywood’s favourite ‘Friend’ […]

Has Kim Kardashian Bleached Her Way To Baldness?

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These days, seeing photographs of females in the spotlight suffering from hair loss is no longer a shock. Most commonly, this loss is caused by wearing hair extensions to provide longer locks, or regularly using dyes and bleach to keep on trend with the latest hair colour. Celebrities including Britney Spears and Manchester’s very own […]

Harley Street Michael Pulman hair transplant with Farjo

Getting To The Roots Of Harley Street

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by Dr Greg Williams Last night, some of your may have spotted me on BBC2 documentary, Inside Harley Street – a three-part series which looks at what goes on behind those quaint little Georgian doors on the world famous street, including that of The Farjo Hair Institute. While some might regard the street as off-limits […]

Harley Street and Michael Pulman

Inside Harley Street

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Have you ever wondered what happens behind the clinic doors on world-famous Harley Street? Well, here’s your chance to find out! It’s a name that’s synonymous with everything from lip fillers and wrinkle busters, to pioneering cancer treatments and, you guessed it, hair loss surgery. BBC documentary series, Inside Harley Street, which launched on BBC2 […]